The hosted repository solution for low cost discovery, access, archiving, and preservation.

Standard features

All DSpaceDirect subscriptions come with these standard features:

  • Hosted DSpace installation of latest open source software release
  • Managed system administration, including server set-up, nightly server snapshots, server maintenance, overall system administration best practices
  • Annual upgrade to the current DSpace open source software release when available
  • Unique and persistent identifiers for all digital content via Handle System
  • Organize your DSpaceDirect content into collections based on local requirements
  • Search engine optimization for Google, Google Scholar, etc. (includes sitemap creation)
  • Basic site branding, including the following:
  • DSpaceDirect URL (e.g. [yoursite]
  • User, group, and permissions management through the DSpaceDirect administrative console
  • Basic usage statistics and reporting
  • Integration with Google Analytics (optional)
  • Access to customer support ticket system including 10 free support requests in the first 90 days
  • Ability to upgrade your DSpaceDirect subscription plan at any time when more storage is needed
  • Customizable approval workflow
  • Customizable deposit license for content submissions
  • Ability to batch edit metadata through the DSpaceDirect administrative console
  • Ability to migrate to a locally hosted installation of DSpace at any time should customer choose
  • DuraCloud integration creates an additional backup copy of DSpaceDirect content and then replicates the copy to DuraCloud where automated content health checks are performed regularly