The hosted repository solution for low cost discovery, access, archiving, and preservation.


DSpaceDirect is a hosted service of DSpace repository software offered by the DuraSpace not-for-profit organization. Access, manage, and preserve any content or file type in a hosted environment, easily searched by your users, and easily managed by you. DSpaceDirect will preserve and provide access to academic faculty and student papers, projects, and research. DSpaceDirect can also be used to store and share large image, video, and audio files.

DSpaceDirect is the only hosted repository solution for low cost discovery, access, archiving, and preservation.

Fast start-up

Get your repository up and running quickly and cost effectively

You don't need local servers or system administrators. We'll manage the software and servers, so you can keep your costs low and concentrate on your users.

You-pick features

Select the features that suit your needs

You can choose which DSpace features to enable based on your local needs, such as the look and feel of your repository as well as customize the license text, etc.

No-cost upgrades

Ease the pain of software upgrades and maintenance

No need to worry about software upgrades! We'll make sure you're always up-to-date with the latest version and features. We'll work with you to import any existing content you may have elsewhere, whether it's in an existing DSpace or not.

Content preservation

Protect your valuable content

Your content will automatically be backed up for you with easy ways for you to recover content whether it is single files or multiple collections. DSpaceDirect comes automatically integrated with DuraCloud, ensuring long term access to your content.

Anytime data access

Provide users with the content they want, whenever they want

Your DSpaceDirect account is online and web accessible from the very start. That way you can add content and provide immediate access to your users, wherever they happen to be located.

Own your data

Give yourself peace of mind

You control the "keys." At any time, you may choose to move your repository and its content to your own local servers. Since DSpace is open source and has a global community of over 1,500 institutions, you will have a lot of friends to call on for help in maintaining your repository on your own if you choose to do so.

Join the community

Be a part of the worldwide community

Across the globe, over 1,500 institutions are using DSpace open source software to provide open access, manage, and preserve their valuable digital assets. Join this ever-growing community of users and be a part of the conversation around repositories and stewarding our shared cultural heritage.